Woo Yuen Seng

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Woo Yuen Seng

Woo Yuen Seng, BCCE, DRCE is currently the Head Of Centralised Operations with Scope International (M) Sdn. Bhd. His responsibilities include batch operations and BCM. He has been an Associate Instructor for BCM Institute since 2010.

Past Employment

  • Woo has over 15 years of experience in BCP/DR and Data Centre Operations. He has been involved with the Financial Industry for over 30 years and has experienced BCP/DR environments both as a user and a service provider.
  • Prior to joining Scope International, Woo was previously with Prudential Services Asia, ISL Malaysia, Kompakar CRC, SCS-SEMA, Standardchartered Bank and Kwong Yik Bank.
  • During his tenure with these organisations, his responsibilities has mainly been in BCM and Data Centre Operations. His involvement in BCP/DR has covered the roles of user, coordinator, BCP Manager, and as a consultant, involving numerous exercises and actual BCP/DR deployments.. He is very familiar with regulatory controls pertaining to BCM in Malaysia, especially relating to the Financial Institutions.

Professional Certification

  • Woo was the First Malaysian to successfully complete the two certification examinations of BCCE and DRCE on 1 December 2009.

Professional Affiliations
• Woo was previously involved with The Share Guide Association, Malaysia (SGAM) for 8 years, of which he held the position of Secretary for 4 years from 2007 to 2011. SGAM is an IT User Group comprising mainly organisations from the Banking and Insurance industries.
• He is an Instructor with BCM Institute since 2010 for certification levels up to BCM-5000 and DRP-5000