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Founded in: January 2005 Headquarters: Singapore Key People: Dr Goh Moh Heng Founder & President Website: http://www.bcm-institute.org

Business Continuity Management Institute or BCM Institute is a leading global Business Continuity Management (BCM) Institute. Established in 2005, BCM Institute promotes and develops the core disciplines of Business Continuity Management (BCM) (BCM Audit / BCM / CC / CM / DR) for a variety of industries and clients around the world. With the launch of ISO22301, the ISO22301 BCMS Lead Auditor or the BCCLA certification was launched. In 2014, the institute launched its Crisis Management and Crisis Communication training series.

BCM Institute differentiates itself by having a pool of instructors who are highly regarded Business Continuity and Resilience or BCM professionals. It offers a wide range of quality BCM training solutions, including the globally recognised accreditation:

In less than three years, BCM Institute has trained more than 3000 professionals and certified over 1500 professionals from 40 countries. They come from over 800 companies in industries ranging from Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Utilities and Manufacturing, to Banking & Finance, Technology (IT) and Telecommunications.

In addition, BCM Institute would like to share with you the following:

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