Where and when Can I Attend a BCM Institute Course?

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Another challenge is the availability of the course offering at your location. BCM Institute is committed to be at most locations throughout the world. In most of the cities in Asia, Australasia and the Middle East region, the Institute has guaranteed itself to make available the basic courses once in every 90 to 180 days. In larger continents, where the course is not offered at your city, BCM Institute will seek to be represented at the strategic cities within the continent and also at major conferences.

This commitment will assist senior management to plan ahead their training of newly appointed Business Continuity Management (BCM Audit / BCM / CC / CM / DR) employees, who are usually the result of a turnover of an existing staff or newly created position. In organization that have a team of BC professionals, this requirement had allowed organization to transfer the training to a professional institute rather than getting one of their BC professional staff to conduct the training for their newly appointed staff, which relieved existing staff to spent their time effectively in implementing their BCM program.

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