Terrorism, Civil Unrest and Demonstrations

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Crisis Management: Incident Action List

This is a sample and it is not the complete plan. It is to be used as guidance material to develop a specific crisis scenario during the Crisis Management certification course.

Terrorism, Civil Unrest and Demonstrations

Action Steps

The Team should consider implementing some or all of the following measures, depending on the threat:

  • Remind all staff to be extra vigilant and report all suspicious or unusual incidents that they observe not only whilst at work but also when they are at home or travelling
  • Confirm that the staff call-out tree is available and up-to-date
  • Confirm that:
    • Vital records are being backed up and are stored off-site
    • A clear desk policy is being applied
    • Vital paper records and documents are being stored in fire-proof safes
    • Confirm that contact lists for emergency services, contractors and suppliers are available and up-to-date
    • Ensure that fire extinguishers are tested and available within buildings
    • Prepare and issue a press release if operations have to cease or premises are affected
    • Use additional guards and increase external/internal patrols
    • Where grills or shutters are fitted, keep them closed and locked
    • Limit access to premises for both staff and customers to one door
    • Check all premises at the start and close of the working day for intruders and unidentified packages, briefcases etc
    • Restrict parking at ABC ORGANIZATION premises
    • Check vehicles entering ABC ORGANIZATION compounds for under vehicle booby traps and other explosive devices
    • Check all mail for explosive devices
    • Check handbags, briefcases and packages carried by all visitors into ABC ORGANIZATION premises for weapons and explosive devices
    • Confirm that a sheltered area within buildings has been identified
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  • If violent disturbances appear likely to occur:
    • Prepare doors for immediate closure and shut and lock them at the first sign of trouble.
    • Ensure that keys to locked external doors are readily available to facilitate evacuation in an emergency.
    • Reduce ABC ORGANIZATION’s opening hours.
    • Close ABC ORGANIZATION’s buildings to customers.
    • Send staff home or tell them to remain at home until further notice.
    • Postpone or cancel visits by staff from elsewhere in the organization.