Technical/Non Certification Courses

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BCM-810 BCM Best Practices Pandemic Flu Preparedness

Apr 2009, BCM-810, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BCM-810 is a one day course designed to equip participants with the pertinent knowledge and skills needed to prepare the organization for a pandemic flu outbreak. This modular-course will benefit Senior Management, Managers and Coordinators tasked to update the BC and DR plans and its specific components.

BCM-820 Business Continuity Fast-Track Implementation Toolkit

NKF, Apr 2009, BCM-820, Singapore

BCM-820 comprises four half-day sessions for participants whose organisations intend to implement a BCM programme and initiate a project to develop the BC plan. The BC project will involve several major stages like analysis, strategies, development and implementation. To support the project, the BCM team will undergo a series of organisational workshop sessions which will address specific BCM requirements and developments. The organisation will also adopt an industry-proven BC planning methodology that is consistent with international best practices. These are critical for a successful BCM programme. BC Managers and Coordinators are guided stage by stage through a combination of a series of workshop sessions and questionnaires.

BCM-830 Business Continuity Management Audit and Assessment

Mar 2008, BCM-830, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BCM-830 is a two day course for participants to ensure that their organisations’ BCM programmes and BC plans are current and effective. This requires organisations to exercise and test the BC plans, and validate the results against the findings from the risk analysis, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and recovery strategy stages, as well as ensuring consistency with the BCM scope, definitions and assumptions. These constitute the criteria and key performance indices to ascertain the effectiveness of the BC plan, procedures and processes. Based on the findings, organizations will develop a set of action tasks and implement them as part of the activities to update the BC plans and the BCM programme.