Specialised/Non Certification Courses

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BCM-610 Effective Project and Programme Management

BCM-610 is a one day course to help participants achieve a sustainable BCM programme. This course is developed to equip participants and BC/DR project managers with practical and useful tools and techniques to successfully track and manage BCP projects.

BCM-620 Practical Risk and Business Impact Assessment

Jul 2007, BCM-620, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BCM-620 is a one day course for the BCM steering committee and project team. This course is designed and developed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the organisation’s needs during a disaster, and to equip the participants with practical and effective skills and a proven approach to achieve the desired outcomes in a disaster.

BCM-630 Selecting BC Strategies & Developing Plan Procedures

May 2008, BCM-630, Bangkok, Thailand

BCM-630 is a one day course for participants to determine the business requirements for effective response, recovery and resumption, as well as the ability to translate them into effective and efficient BC plans. This course will equip participants with the core skills to identify viable business continuity strategies and evaluate them, and to put together a corporate-wide business continuity strategy supported by the business unit strategies. Participants will also acquire skills to transform the results of the risk assessment, Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and developing recovery strategy stages into viable BC plans.

BCM-640 Best Practices Approaches to Testing and Exercising

2007, BCM-640, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

BCM-640 is a one day course for participants to develop and conduct effective tests and exercises as part of a sound BCM programme. This course will empower BC project managers and coordinators with the knowledge and skills needed to develop test-exercise programmes, execute the tests, and update the BC/Disaster Recovery (DR) plans.