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Penny Chong is currently holding the position of Senior Manager – Group Learning and Development in the Lion Group and has been assigned  the role of Head of Business at CeDR Corporate Consulting Sdn Bhd in the matters relating to the Group’s learning. Incidentally, CeDR  has recently won the Human Resources Minister Award – The Best Employer in SME (Services) category at the HRD Awards Night  2014 (which was organised by PSMB). Winning this award is definite proof that CeDR walks the talk in raising competency levels of the  Malaysian workforce.

She began her career in the UK upon graduating as a business & investment consultant, focusing on the China region to attract and provide a one-stop consultancy service for clients developing a business and human capital development model to facilitate their investment needs in the United Kingdom.

Penny then returned to Malaysia to begin her tenure at the Malaysian Institute of Management, where she quickly rose in rank to become the Assistant General Manager of the Professional Certifications and Education. Her diverse portfolio range included the sales division,  R&D, programme design, and overseeing  events for the Institute.

Throughout her career she has grown and nurtured talents directly and indirectly under her care, as she is a firm believer in building the  competency of her workforce. Is it with this belief that she has achieved the level of success that she has today – because there are no leaders without a strong team in place. 

Past Employment


  Assistant General Manager – Business and Client Development

  Senior Business & Investment Consultant


• Master of Business Administration in University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Professional Certification

• MIM Certified Professional Trainer

• PSMB Train the Trainer

• MIM Certified Professional CSR Manager

• Australia Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

• Harrison Assessments – Basic Accreditation for Employee Development

• Harrison Assessments – Basic Accreditation for Recruitment