Part 1: Mitigation Strategies-CC-ST

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Part 1: Crisis Prevention Strategy

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While developing the crisis strategy to respond to a crisis, it is imperative to start with the crisis prevention strategy as these measures should be addressed very early in the implementation. Each item below explains the requirement to complete the template.

Threat Category (Col 1)

In identifying the types of crisis or threat category that may affect an organisation, they are divided into Threats and Crisis Scenario.

Template CM: Crisis Prevention Strategy
  • Threats are divided into 2 different categories:
    • Natural
    • Technology
  • Crisis Scenarios are divided into 6 categories:
    • Confrontation
    • Organizational
    • Malevolence
    • Workplace Violence
    • Lack of Funds
    • Rumors

Types of Threats/ Crisis Scenario (Col 2)

Under each listed category, list the types of threats or crisis scenario faced by the organisation.

Detailed Description of Threats/ Crisis Scenario (Col 3)

Once the general category of the types of threats or crisis scenario faced by the organisation is identified, it would be useful to relate the specifics of the threat/ crisis scenario category. For example, labour disputes: Strike organised by the Labour union, Walkout by employees as it varies from country to country.

Crisis Prevention Strategy (Col 4)

Five levels and types of Crisis Prevention Strategy:

  • Strategic
  • Technical and structural
  • Evaluation and diagnostic
  • Communication
  • Psychological and cultural

Details of Crisis Prevention Strategy (Col 5)

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Describe the Strategy in detail