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Checklist Prior to Submissin of Business Continuity Plan

Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!

Covering Sheet

  • Did you replace “<Name of>” with your department name?
  • Did you change the footer “<Department>” with your department name?

Table of Content

  • Did you confirm the page numbering of your final plan and replace the page numbers accordingly?

Business Unit Recovery Procedures

  1. Did you start with a verb in your procedures?
  2. Did you remove all unused “bullet”?
  3. Did you insert the initials of the staff members under the “WHO” column?
  4. Have you contacted the other departments that your procedures will involve them?
  5. Remove unused boxes?

Annex 1 - Grab List

  1. If there is no grab list, insert a “NIL”?
  2. Do not include in your grab list “keys” as Admin will have the entire set of keys kept offsite.

Annex 2 - Business Unit Call tree

  1. Is “call tree” inserted into the plan?
  2. Are the telephone numbers inserted below the names?
  3. Have you inserted the initials, e.g. Vincent Lim as VL, next to the name?
  4. Are the telephone numbers provided indicated as (pg) for pager and (hp) for handphone telephone numbers
  5. Are all the department members included in the call tree? Including those non-critical ones?
  6. Have you ensured that the essential staff is contacted first i.e. higher in the call tree?
  7. Do not shade the boxes in the organisation chart as it will be difficult to photocopy later?
  8. Remove text “Note: Use MS PowerPoint Organisational Chart function to develop your department call tree” after inserting your department call tree?

Annex 3 - Status Report

  1. Bulleted list item
  2. Update the telephone numbers of the alternate site when the number is available? (not needed at the moment)

Re: Status Reports

Annex 4 - Offsite Office Layout

  1. To be updated when the alternate office is available? (not needed at the moment)
  2. Have you indicated with initials of your staff on the location map of the alternate office? (not needed at the moment)
  3. Have you removed the words ” (Intentionally Left blank till the offsite office is ready)” from the chart? (not needed at the moment)

Annex 5 - Facilities, Equipment, Material and Vital Records

  1. If the network PC and Telephone “Physically available at Offsite Office” really needed during the first 24 hours?
  2. Is all vital record and forms identified? Provide description and form number if possible?
  3. Is your vital records already kept offsite already? If it is part of the normal operational requirement, it need not be included?

Annex 6 -Key Contacts

  1. Is all the key contact telephone numbers available?
  2. Remove column “After Hours TEL No.” if it is not necessary?
  3. Insert additional column “Name of Contact” if needed?
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Annex 7 -'Distribution and Approval

  1. Are the numbers of copies to be distributed correctly?
  2. In APPROVAL (FOR ANNEXES ONLY), have you inserted the names of the head of the department (Name of Head of Department) and yours (Name & signature of Dept Rep) into the respective row?
  3. Have you change "One at the offsite office" to “Name of Alternate Site”?
  4. Have you and your head of department sign-off on this page?

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