Our Unique Selling Proposition to Our Partners

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BCM Institute, like many prestigious educational establishments and institutes of higher learning, has several distinct or unique advantages enjoyed in the market place. Here are several and why we think it is of relevance in the selling cycle:

  • Customization or customised/in-house courses tailored to specific needs allow functional gaps to be addressed.
    • For example, the need for BIA (BCM-630 course) to be done above all else, or the need for a fast-tracked approach to BCP (BCM-820 course), or a simulation/exercise (CM-2050 course) to be planned & executed in order to expose any loop holes in the BC or DR plan.
  • Instruction by industry practitioners.
    • One of the strongest USP is the Instruction methodology employed by BCM Institute. Since inception, the model is to use multiple instructors to teach at BCM Institute courses, regardless of length. Therefore, a 4 ½ days BCM-5000 course may have up to 4 instructors, each teaching a one-day module. All instructors engaged by BCM Institute are typically working in senior BC or DR positions in MNCs in FSI, Oil & Gas, and Technology sectors. Their wealth of knowledge + experience adds to the learning depth and breadth for the participants.
  • Course material review.
    • The course material is regularly reviewed to ensure quality, rigour and relevance for the participant. All courses, from BCM-100 to BCM-5000, plus non-certification courses are reviewed at two levels. Firstly, instructors are polled at the end of the course about any slide or statement that needs updating. Course participants also have an opportunity to the participant via the Course Evaluation & Instructor Feedback mechanism. Secondly, BCM Institute schedules annual reviews of material to ensure terms are updated.
  • Accreditation by Certification.
    • BCM Institute’s examinations are for the purpose of determining eligibility for industry accreditation. The stringent pass at 75% percentile allows the participant to apply to the Certification Review Committee for the award of the BCCP, BCCS and or BCCE Business Continuity Management accreditation, and likewise for the DRCS and DRCE Disaster Recovery Planning Accreditation. For consistent in the administration of the examination, the electronic version is implemented.
  • Relevant of our courses to international best practices.
    • The institute continues to upgrade its training courses to meet the rapid changes in the BCM and DR professional knowledge domain. The institute's courses are now in compliant to ISO22301, BS25999, NFPA 1600, ANZ5050, ASIS BCM, and Singapore SS540 standards.
  • Social responsibilities as a professional Institute.
    • BCM Institute had launched several projects that had benefited the global professional community. For example, the institute had set up:
      • an international BC and DR forum on CollectiveX. Starting in July 2009, it has 3000 members from more than 90 countries, and it is the 2nd largest BC and DR forum globally.
      • a Wikipedia-type glossary for BC and DR professionals called BCMpedia. It is the most comprehensive list of glossary being created and being centralised at one location.
      • a free 2 to 3 monthly Meet-the-Expert seminar held in each country
      • a free 2-monthly Webinar for our global experts to share with professionals.
      • an annual World Continuity Congress conference to be held in a city within Asia Pacific and the Middle East region.
  • Our unique planning methodology
    • Comparable to the industry standard practice i.e. ISO22301.