Lift Rescue Services/ Lift Maintenance

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Recovery Procedure: Lift Rescue Services/ Lift Maintenance

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Plan Development Template: Recovery Procedure Page 1 Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd
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  • WHAT
    • EM-01 Lift Rescue Services/ Lift Maintenance


  • HOW
    • Ensure that lift maintenance services are carried out regularly
    • Monitor data which may highlight a potential issue with the lift
    • Maintain lift maintenance contract to specify rescue response

Immediate Response

  • HOW
    • Inform breakdown by residents or TMS activation
    • Activate lift rescues team by call centre/EMSU

Scenario: A man-trapped case

  • HOW
    • Highlight urgency by EMSU to the Lift Rescue Team
    • Escalate incident to Property Manager in charge of the block
    • Carry out lift rescue operation

Recovery & Resumption

Within T+1 hours

  • HOW
    • Make arrangements for residents who may need urgent access to and from their units (medical emergencies)
    • Place notices by “lift indicator” to advise residents of break-down/ maintenance service
    • Inform by LRT report to EMSU on status
    • Check and turn on lift by Lift Company

Within T+2 hours

  • HOW
    • Submit report from Lift Company to LMU
    • Investigate and submit findings by Lift Company
    • Recommend corrective and preventive action measure to LMU
    • Check lift safety before turn on operation by LMU onsite
    • Remove break down notices

Restoration & Return

  • HOW
    • Update EMSU when all services resume back to normal
    • Prepare the lift breakdown report to ESMU/LMU