Introduction to BCM Institute's Certification

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The certification program supports the community of Business Continuity Management, Disaster Recovery, BCM Audit and Crisis Management is designed to objectively assess and measure professional knowledge. The BCM and DR certification program requirements and eligibility standards are applied fairly, impartially, and consistently. The certification program may grant certification independently of a candidate’s membership or non-membership in any organization, association or other groups.

BCM Institute's Business Continuity Crisis Management BCM Audit IT Disaster Recovery Certification Programme

To achieve:

Each candidate must satisfy all educational and experiential requirements established by BCM Institute. The professional must demonstrate an acceptable and relevant level of understanding and knowledge of BCM, IT DRP BCM Audit and Crisis Management.

BCM Institute’s certification examinations are designed and developed to validate the professional’s understanding at the various levels. In addition, those who have been granted the BCM Institute's credentials must demonstrate ongoing professional commitment and contributions to the field of BCM, CM, CC, IT DRP and related fields by satisfying the requirements stipulated in the Continuing Education Policy.

Road Map for BCM and DR Certification

Steps to Certification