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BCM Planning Methodology:Testing and Exercising

Testing and Exercising Considerations

  • The sample plan provides examples of how to write a complete testing plan for the business continuity plan.
  • Testing & Exercising should be conducted during peak and non-peak periods. This includes both unannounced and announced tests.
  • The plan should follow a logical and gradual progression of test stage, also known as BC Testing Cycle. This includes testing from the minor components to the full simulation.
  • These procedures should include methods for maintaining and updating the plan.
  • Some sections of the sample plan are written as examples that the organization can use in a plan, others are instructional.
  • The instructional sections provide information that should be considered when writing the specific segment.
  • This template provides only a sample of a complete business continuity plan.

Content of Testing and Exercising


Courses: BCM Certification

Guidance Notes and Templates

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