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Application Impact Analysis Methodology

When implementing the Application Impact Analysis (AIA), it is important to note that the current technique is to approach from a business perspective.

The traditional AIA approach is to list all the application systems and to prioritise them based on the business units' feedback on their criticality. The recommended approach is to work with the Business Continuity Management team and to have access to the Business Impact Analysis or BIA report. The prioritisation can then be driven by the approved BIA findings which depict the actual and agreed criticality of the application based on the prioritisation of the critical business functions.

As part of the Business Impact Analysis (BIA) phase, one method of gathering the necessary data for the analysis of an organization's critical business functions is the used of a Business Impact Analysis Questionnaires (BIAQ).

Guidance Notes to Complete the Business Impact Analysis Template

Content of BIA (AIA) Questionnaires

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