Frequently Asked Questions for Certification Courses

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This Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a list of questions asked when an organization is embarking on its SS540:2008 certification. The question often revolve around the comparison of BCM institute to its competitors, the certification roadmap, the types and appropriate of courses to attend. Customers who are new to BCM Institute will find the content useful. Please contact us at +65 63231500 or email us at

Who are We?

How is BCM Institute governed and managed?

What is the roadmap for BCM Institute's Certification?

What are the types of business continuity certification for BCM Institute?

What is the level of experience needed by each participants?

Is BCM Institute’s Training program relevant and International Acceptable?

How is our certification accredited?

How do I maintain my credentials?

How does BCM Institute differ from others?

What is the Steps required when applying for BCM Institute's Certification?

Which organizations have had their staff member certified by BCM Institute?

Who are BCM Institute's instructors in Singapore and how qualified are they?

What is the content of the BCM-820 Course?

What is the content of the BCM-5000 Course?

Should I attend the BCM-820 or BCM-5000 course?

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