Facilities & Function Booking

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Recovery Procedure: Facilities & Function Booking

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  • WHAT
    • FIN-01 Facilities & Function Booking


  • HOW
    • Set up procedures for manual booking of facilities
    • Prepare template for notices advising on the emergency situation
    • Conduct dry runs for emergency situations
    • Ensure contract with EMSU has the relevant SLA for the switch over

Immediate Response

  • HOW
    • Inform PR Team to put up notices informing residents of disruption in services
    • Transfer all calls to EMSU if possible, if not, call centre to activate EMSU
    • Activate Finance Team to proceed to alternate site

Recovery & Resumption

Within T+4 Hours

  • HOW
    • Occupy alternate site by Call centre team to resume function

Restoration & Return

  • HOW
    • Update call centre when all services resume back to normal
    • Inform PR Team and Estate Management Team to remove notices advising of disruption in services
    • Call centre to resume operations back at the Bangkit office
    • Provide emotional and physical support as needed