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Q1. Do I have to retake the examination to recertify?

  • No. You can only recertify by continuing education. In order to recertify by continuing education, you must have attained at least 30 CEHs for the first year in BC/DR. These CEH must be accumulated from the date of certification to the dateline for recertification. Please visit the Maintaining Certification Overview section for more details.

Q2. What is the application dateline for re-certification by Continuing Education?

  • The application dateline for recertification by continuing education is 60 days prior to the expiration of your current certification. Please visit the continuing education section of this Web site for complete information.

Q3. What are the types of continuing education activities required for Recertification?

  • Please click here for the continuing education activities accepted by BCM Institute for Recertification.

Q4. Who do I contact if I have questions?

  • You may send your inquiries to certification@bcm-institute.org

Q5. What are the benefits on Recertifying?

  • Please click here to read on the benefits.

Q6. Who need to fill up the Recertification Application?

  • The Recertification has to be filled by the Experts and Specialists as they need to submit their CEH. However, Planners and Affiliates may fill in their personal particulars on the first page. Please do take note that Planners and Affiliates are not required to submit CEH for Recertification.

Q7. Is there any additional information that I need to provide?

  • All Experts and Specialists should provide supporting documents as proof whilst submitting their CEH. Planners and Affiliates are not required to submit any additional information except for their personal particulars.

Q8. Can I send the application form Online? Who shall I forward it to?

  • Yes, you may email the application to submission@bcm-institute.org

Q9. When do I submit the certification maintenance fee?

  • The Certification Maintenance Fee has to be paid 60 days before your current certification expires.

Q10. What are the modes of payment?

  • You may choose to pay by cash, PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or check.

Q11. Who should I address the check or TT payment to?

  • Please make all payments to:
    • BCMI Pte Ltd.