Crisis Communication Certified Expert

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Course Description: Crisis Communication | Crisis Communication Manager | Crisis Communication Expert Implementer

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Certification Model CL 1


Crisis Communication Certified Expert Requirement for CMCE

The Crisis Communication Certified Expert (CCCE) certification is designed and developed to instill pertinent concepts and knowledge in CM and BCM practitioners; which will enable them to drive organizational-wide CM programs; develop crisis, business continuity and recovery strategies; develop and implement comprehensive CM plans; develop and implement CM awareness and training programs; conduct exercises and tests; implement CM audit and assessment programs to ensure CM plan effectiveness. This course is designed and developed to train CM and BC managers, planners, and project managers.


The individuals should have met and continue to meet the following requirements regarding:

Fee Payment

Award of Electronic Certificate

Only an electronic certificate or e-certificate (softcopy) will be issued for all successful application. However, a hardcopy certificate is also available upon request from the online store: SGD 50 (not inclusive of courier charges)