Cleaning & Refuse Collection Services

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Recovery Procedure: Cleaning & Refuse Collection Services

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Plan Development Template: Recovery Procedure Page 1 Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd
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  • WHAT
    • EM-02 Cleaning & Refuse Collection Services


  • HOW
    • Maintain Cleaning & Refuse collection Contract to specify SLA
    • Monitor feedback on cleanliness and alert contractor to take particular care during a situation
    • Display circulars and notices (digital display services) to residents on service disruption

Immediate Response

  • HOW
    • Deploy cleaners from another ward or area to the affected area

Recovery & Resumption

  • HOW
    • Update the call centre on the situation and the status of the cleaning
    • Survey areas by Property Officers to where potential may arise

Within T+4 hours

  • HOW
    • Inform PR to send out notification to residents on disruption of services via website and digital display panel
    • survey areas by Property officers where potential may arise

Within T+1 Day

  • HOW
    • Request update from alternate cleaning contractor

Restoration & Return

  • HOW
    • Inform PR to remove all notices on disruption of services
    • Update GM once situation returns to normal
    • Terminate the temporary (alternate) vendor contracts if existing contractor return