Certification Glossary

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1. These are the three type of fees that are payable during submitting an application for BCM Institute's certification:

BCM Institute's Business Continuity Crisis Management BCM Audit IT Disaster Recovery Certification Programme

2. This is the certification level that is awarded by BCM Institute. For more information about the roadmap toward each certification, click to view the certification details. The description of each certification can be found in the table below.

Certification Types
1. Business Continuity Certified Auditor, BCCA
2. Business Continuity Certified Lead Auditor, BCCLA
3. Business Continuity Certified Planner, BCCP
4. Business Continuity Certified Specialist, BCCS
5. Business Continuity Certified Expert, BCCE
6. Crisis Management Certified Planner, CMCP
7. Crisis Management Certified Specialist, CMCS
8. Crisis Management Certified Expert, CMCE
9. Crisis Communication Certified Planner, CCCP
10. Crisis Communication Certified Specialist, CCCS
11. Crisis Communication Certified Expert, CCCE
12. Disaster Recovery Certified Planner, DRCP
13. Disaster Recovery Certified Specialist, DRCS
14. Disaster Recovery Certified Expert, DRCE
15. Member of the BCM Institute, MBCMI

BCM Institute Certification and Competency Level Model