Call Centre Services

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Recovery Procedure: Call Centre Services

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  • WHAT
    • PR-02 Call Centre Services


  • HOW
    • Establish contractual agreement for switch-over with vendor
    • Identify procurement and timeline of IP Phones from vendor

Immediate Response

  • HOW
    • Inform phone system vendor to route to EMSU
    • Inform EMSU on the routing to them
    • Activate the setup of alternate site for Call Centre staff from primary site (Office Hour with IP Phones being grabbed)
    • Access email and feedback system at alternate site

Recovery & Resumption

Within T+1 Day

  • HOW
    • Route incoming calls to route back to site
    • Resume access of feedback and email systems by Call centre team at site

Restoration & Return

  • HOW
    • Ensure all computers and phones connections are up
    • Provide emotional and physical support if necessary