BCP Scenarios and assumptions v2

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Scenarios and Assumptions

Plan Develop Template Part A Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

Disaster Scenario

  • Business disruptions to Organization’s Critical Business Functions can arise from the following scenarios:
    • Utility outage (including power).
    • Damage or denial of access to the Office Building (including fire and building collapse).

Key Assumptions

  • BC Planning in ABC Organization is based on the following key assumptions:
    • The main office (Name of Building) building is down, and the offsite data centre/ office at Building Name, ABC Road is available.
    • Staff is denied access to the (Name of Building) building for a sustained period of X calendar days. Refer to Key Disaster Scenario
    • Only critical business functions will be accorded priority for restoration.
    • Should the crisis be projected to exceed seven (7) days, extended planning will commence after day 2 or 3.
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