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Grab List

Plan Development Template: Call procedures and business unit call tree Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd
  • The items to be included in this list are those which must be taken during an evacuation.
  • The items must relate to business needs and can be hand-carried from the office to the evacuation assembly point.
  • Each BU BCM Coordinator is to familiarize all staff in his or her business unit with the items on this grab list.
  • The retrieval of the item must not endanger the life of the staff members during an evacuation.

Content of Template

  • No.
    • Serial Number
  • Description
    • Exact description of the documentation or item to be retrieved
  • Person Responsible
    • The assigned staff members or the person who is at the location during the evacuation.
  • Physical Location of Item
    • The precise location of the item Example: In the in-out tray located at the top left hand corner of the table for each staff members within the Trade Finance Department
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