BCP Facilities, equipment, materials and vital records inventory v2

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Facilities, Equipment, Materials and Vital Records Inventory

Plan Development Template: Facilities, equipment, materials and vital records inventory Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

This is a checklist of the resources at the alternate facilities that need to be on hand in order to continue operations at the offsite office during an activation of the BC Plan.

  • Telecommunication (Telephone landlines and mobiles)
  • Equipment (e.g. Notebooks)
  • Materials (e.g. Manuals)
  • Vital records (e.g. Forms, specially printed documentation, deal tickets)

BU BCM Coordinator is to coordinate with the Organization BCM Coordinator on the business unit requirements and ensure that all items listed here will be available at the offsite office. Changes to the business unit's requirements must be relayed to the Organization BCM Coordinator as part of the quarterly review exercise.

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