BCP Business Unit Recovery Procedures Pandemic Flu v2

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Plan Development Template: Recovery Procedure Page 1 Copyright @ GMH Pte Ltd

The procedures are essentially a step-by-step drilling down of the business unit recovery processes. In this document, you should be answering 4 main questions:

  • WHAT
    • WHAT function to be carried out? (Function Number and Name of critical business functions)
    • What specific steps will you undertake based on your recovery processes which have been identified earlier?
    • What work will you process?
    • Will you have a cut off point on the value of the transaction?
    • What are you not going to process?
    • You need to define the tasks step by step.
  • WHO
    • WHO? Team Members
    • Who will be performing the tasks?
    • Note: Do not assign any tasks to an external person as this plan is strictly within your business unit.
    • If needed, design the task to read “Liaise with Admin” or “Arrange with IT”
    • Do not assign a team to the task – there should only be a person and an alternate assigned
  • WHEN
  • This template is designed for organizations operating within countries that have no proper MOH guidances, hence, the need to rely on the World Health Organization (WHO) phases. The recovery procedures can be broken into the following stages:
    • 1. WHO (MOH) Pandemic Influenza Phases 1, 2 & 3 Preparedness
    • 2. WHO (MOH) Pandemic Influenza Phases 4, 5 & 6 Respond & Mitigate
    • 3. WHO (MOH) Pandemic Influenza Post-Peak & Post Pandemic
    • When will the tasks be performed?
  • If there is Ministry of Health's guidance, each stage can be broken down into its respective phases, for example, the DORSCON levels in Singapore.
  • HOW
    • HOW? (The action steps need to be elaborated here)
    • How will you process the work?
    • How do you coordinate with the other business unit(s) that you work with?
    • Define the flow and spell out what actions are needed in the liaison.
  • Guidance Note from GMH:
    • Do try to answer all these questions.
    • Assume that you will not be the person who has to invoke the plan and make the procedures sufficiently clear such that if need be, any senior staff from your business unit can execute the plan.

Sample Recovery Procedures

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