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=='''Key Products and Services'''==
=='''Key Products and Services'''==
[[Image:Template BIA 1-B Key Product and Services|thumb|700px|right| Part 1b Key Products and Services]]
[[Image:Template BIA 1-B Key Product and Services.png|thumb|700px|right| Part 1b Key Products and Services]]
* Define [[Products_and_Services| Products and Services]]
* Define [[Products_and_Services| Products and Services]]

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Part 1A Minimum Business Continuity Objective
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Part 1: MBCO & Key Product and Services

Corporate MBCO

  • Define MBCO
  • Notes (1): MBCO is set by the Executive Management of the organization and can be influenced, dictated and/or changed by current regulatory requirements or industry practices.
  • Notes (2): The MBCO is the management specification of what this level should be from a policy and 'top down' perspective.
  • Notes (3): The definition provided here rephrases the operational perspective into an objective - the mission objective for BCM.

Key Products and Services

Part 1b Key Products and Services
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Instruction to BL-B-3/5 M2 Participant

When you are completing your MBCO and Product and Services. Do remember to speak to your supervisors or head of business units to ask them about "Which functions if not being able to continue will be of grave concern to him or her.

Examples of MBCO

Examples of Products and Services

  • Staff Training - Provide appropriate training to sales staff
  • Inventory Management - Ensure sufficient inventory for sales, and are up to date and minimize stock out situation
  • Workplace/ Store Safety - Ensure safety at all times external or internal to store
  • Sales Audit - Check of daily cash receipts from stores
  • Order Picking - Process orders and taking down products for deliveries
  • Promotion - Ensure retail strategy and promotion are executed timely
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