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[[Image:Template BIA 2 Name, Code and Description of Business Function.png |thumb|700px|right| Part 1 Identification of Business Functions]]
[[Image:Template BIA 2 Name, Code and Description of Business Function.png |thumb|500px|right| Part 1 Identification of Business Functions]]
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Part 1 Identification of Business Functions
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Part 1: Identification of Business Functions

Business Function (Col 2)

  • Name of business function.
  • State a name or identifier (of up to 3 words).
  • Note (1): Usually, the number of business functions should average around 5 functions and should not be expected to exceed 15.
  • Note (2): “Nice to have”/”convenient business functions” should be omitted during the final submission in the Business Impact Analysis Strategy phase.
  • Note (3): Minor business functions that could be accurately grouped into a single bigger function are strongly encouraged.
  • Note (4): Refer to the example of business functions found below

Function Code (Col 3)

BCM Planning Methodology BIA.jpg
  • The acronym for each business function and its serial number.
  • This function number is used as a shorter form of unique identification of each business function within the entire BIA exercise and also as a cross-reference to the rest of the document.
  • For example, “HR” is the acronym for Human Resource Department and say, the function is "Payroll". The function number “HR-01” is CBF Number 01 (first of the series of business function) for HR Department.

Description (Col 4)

  • A business function is defined for the purpose of this exercise as an activity, or a group of activities, which delivers a product or discrete service.
  • Highlight only the end result and not details of all the processes which enable the business function to be completed.
    • Use only one line to describe each business function.
    • Start the description with an action verb e.g. Grant limits, Administer loans, Monitor outstanding transactions.

Instruction to BL-B-3/5 M2 Participant

These are some examples describing the business functions. It is useful to understand that not all employees in an organisation know precisely what your specific function is? Hence, the need for this simple explanatory note.

Examples of "Business Functions" (Col 2) - "Description" (Col 4)

  • Staff Training - Provide appropriate training to sales staff
  • Inventory Management - Ensure sufficient inventory for sales, and are up to date and minimize stock out situation
  • Workplace/ Store Safety - Ensure safety at all times external or internal to store
  • Sales Audit - Check of daily cash receipts from stores
  • Order Picking - Process orders and takedown products for deliveries
  • Promotion - Ensure retail strategy and promotion are executed timely
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