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BCM Institute's Business Continuity Crisis Management BCM Audit IT Disaster Recovery Certification Programme

BCM Institute’s keen understanding of BCM Audit / BCM / CC / CM / DR training needs at the various levels - is our unique offering. The Institute also offers opportunities for those who at their respective levels of experience, to be recognised and be certified. Our philosophy is to ensure that the most cost-effective means of training are made available as usually, the staff with junior grades is often not provided with these opportunities. The progressive upgrade of experience can now be complement with the appropriate training and certification.

Just-In-Time Training

The Institute’s just-in-time training and for-the-right experience level approach will assure any organisation that their employee should be able to attend the appropriate tiered training whenever they are appointed. As we understand from listening to our customers, due to the frequent turnover of staff or the staff being upgraded to higher BCM (Including BCM Audit / BCM / CC / CM / DR) responsibilities, this staff member will need to be trained before he or she is deployed. Prior to our offering, in most organisations, this is not happening as they are usually being told to do the job and being a good corporate member, they will be trying their best to make it successful. As we know, trying your best without the basic skill and knowledge will not get you too far in being successful in any project and that’s one of the key characteristics of BC and Disaster Recovery programs failing due to the lack of knowledge by the Project manager itself.

For-the-Right Experience Level

Another important differentiation is that the training should be based on what the job requires you to do. Over training of staff may result in a waste of training budget. A Business Unit BCM Coordinator (representing the department or division) will be attending the right course such as the BCM-300 level course and as part of his or her career advancement or increased in responsibilities, this candidate will be attending the next level course which is the BCM-400 course as the knowledge required by this candidate will be at the expert level.

For a person responsible or Organisation BCM Coordinator for organisational level BCM program and require training, he pr she can proceed to attend the most comprehensive course BCM-5000. The key is to acquire the complete set of BCM knowledge to manage a BCM program.

For novice BCM practitioner who wants to learn BCM at their own pace, the online learning series "BCM Fundamental Package" leading to an entry level BCM certification is recommended.

For Specialized Skill sets within the BCM Domain

The institute is also passionate about professionals who are performing BCM activities but cover majority of their time in areas such as BCM Audit, BCM, CC, CM, and DR. Here, five different sets of certification are implemented to meet their specific requirement. The training and certification process follows the same rigour as the BCM certification.

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