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* [[PD_Writing Tips_v2| Writing Tips]]
* [[PD_Writing Tips_v2| Writing Tips]]
* [[PD_Useful Verbs_v2| Useful Verbs]]
* [[PD_Useful Verbs_v2| Useful Verbs]]
== Content of RAR Questionaire for Threat & Crisis Scenario Assessment ==
*[[Part_0:_Cover_Page_CRA0_v2|Part 0: Cover Page]]
*[[Part_1:_List_of_Threats_CRA1_v2|Part 1: List of Threats]]
*[[Part_2:_Crisis_Scenarios_CRA2_v2|Part 2: List of Crisis Scenarios]]
*[[Part_3:_Risk_Assessment_CRA3_v2| Part 3: Crisis Treatment and Control]]
== '''Part 0 Cover''' ==
== '''Part 0 Cover''' ==

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Implementing Your Business Continuity Plan BUY!
BCM Planning Methodology PD.jpg

Guidance Notes to Complete the Business Continuity Plan Template

Plan Development Considerations

  • The sample plan provides examples of how to write a complete business continuity plan.
  • A plan should be thoroughly developed, addressing procedures to be used before, during and after a disaster.
  • These procedures should include methods for maintaining and updating the plan.
  • The sample plan illustrates the structure and writing styles mentioned above.
  • Some sections of the sample plan are written as examples that the organization can use in a plan, others are instructional.
  • The instructional sections provide information that should be considered when writing the specific segment.
  • This template provides only a sample of a complete business continuity plan.
  • Writing Tips
  • Useful Verbs

Content of RAR Questionaire for Threat & Crisis Scenario Assessment

Part 0 Cover

Table of Content

Checklist Prior to Submission (Part C)

Useful Link on related terms: BCMBoK 5: Plan Development