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SingaporeAs a Business & Communication Strategist, Rebekah has been advising businesses and corporations on their business strategies, marketing, and business continuity. With a Diploma in Business and Marketing from Singapore Polytechnic, a Post Graduate Degree in Business Analysis from Lancaster University, and an MBA in International Business and Business Strategy from Lancaster University (UK), Rebekah continued to gain more than 18 years of experience as a Business & Communication Strategist. Drawing on specific expertise in all aspects of Business Strategy and management, Rebekah has been offering consultation on international and regional projects amounting up to US$50 million on corporate strategies and restructuring which includes branding, marketing, communications and business continuity to companies, government agencies and businesses alike.

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As one of the pioneer strategists in the field, one of her many achievements is the design and engineering of the first touch screen ATM machine in Asia and Europe with an international bank. She engineered the technology and the worldwide rollout of the world's first touch screen ATM with team of professional marketers and developers under her. She has also strategized and designed the world’s first credit card merchant tracking system in monitoring and analyzing credit card frauds worldwide. This was rolled out with a Credit Card organization and across all the credit card banks in the world. Some of her other achievements include restructuring and merging of international private banks, regional hygiene companies and insurance broking firms.

Joining the world of entrepreneurs with the launch of Ambassage Holdings in 2003, Rebekah is able to embrace and extend her full spectrum of talents through the holding company's mission. As Director, Rebekah oversees all operations including the set up of new companies, reviewing strategic partnerships and evaluating strategy projects, as well as serving as her own passions as a Business Strategist and charity works. Believing that knowledge changes mindset and closes prison doors, she has her passions in bringing education to the poor in developing countries. As the co-owner and director of several companies set up under the holding group are niche business with unique products and services as well as a dual mission of social elements in nature, seeking to benefit the community through their works in the marketplace, charity works and building schools in developing countries.

Seeing the power of new media revolution in 2007, she moved into the new media arena before it became popular in 2010 and used new media as strategic tools in business startups, communication and market entries. Managing some of the major new media marketing online with her team, she has strategized and executed online marketing for national events such as Chingay in Singapore, F&B retails, Sports and etc. As a Business & Media Advisor, she has been guiding organizations such as the Singapore Polytechnic, the Association of Bridal Consultants (Singapore), People's Association, and Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Rebekah is also a highly sought after professional speaker. She has been conducting seminars, conferences, and trainings to audiences all over the world. These include corporations, businesses, governments, education institutions, financial institutions, such as Citibank, Maybank, Tata Consultancy, Visa International, CWS, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, People's Association, Singapore Polytechnic, National Library Board, Internet Show 2010-2012, Oakley Singapore, Zingrill Holdings, and etc.

She has been invited to be part of the prestige professional industry panel in the ACE Entrepreneur Grant Scheme, SPRING Singapore, evaluating and guiding young entrepreneurs from the Singapore Polytechnic in their new business setups. Rebekah also sits on the panel of judges for major events such MobileFest and Asia Pacific Wedding Consultants of the Year as well as one of the Board of Directors in a social enterprise company for outreach to youths at risk.

In February 2012, she has been recognized and awarded the Stanford Who's Who Registry of honored executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in their Black Book, on individuals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership or achievements in their occupation, industry or profession.