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1. The Hot Site is an alternate facility in another location. It has the capacity to sustain business operations and absorb the additional workload almost immediately, when the primary site is inaccessible, or the services there are unavailable; such a facility will be critical to business survival.

Similar Terms: Hot Backup Site. Related Terms: Alternate Site.

Note: It is a facility equipped with hardware and communications capabilities that can be occupied by the organization in the event of a disaster. From a disaster recovery perspective, this site is ready to assume the production application processing capability with little or no preparation. Systems, networks and applications are all in place and up-to-date and live data is already onsite. There are three types of hot sites - private, cooperative or commercially operated.

BCMBoK Competency Level
BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy CL 1B: Foundation (BC)

BCMBoK Competency Level
BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy CL 2C: Intermediate (CM)

BCMBoK Competency Level
BCMBoK 4: Business Continuity Strategy CL 2D: Intermediate (DR)

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

2. A site (data centre, work area) that provides a BCM facility with the relevant work area recovery, telecommunications and IT interfaces and environmentally controlled space capable of providing relatively immediate backup data processing support to maintain the organization's Mission Critical Activities.

(Source: Business Continuity Institute - BCI)

3. An alternate facility that already has in place the computer, telecommunications, and environmental infrastructure required to recover critical business functions or information systems.

(Source: Disaster Recovery Institute International / Disaster Recovery Journal - DRII/DRJ)