Cyber Security Incident Response

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1. Cyber Security Incident Response or CIR involves the preparation of measures to, in best case scenario, prevent organisations from being attacked by cyber security threats or to effectively respond to a cyber attack.

Notes (1): Cyber Security Incident Response is used interchangeably with Cyber Incident Response.
Related Term: Cyber Security Risk; Cyber Security Threats; Cyber Security Attacks; Cyber Security Incident

(Source: Business Continuity Management Institute - BCM Institute)

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2. Cyber security incident response refers to rapid resolution of incidents that may involve sensitive data in such a way that complies with legal requirements and applicable regulations and to preserve important investigative and forensic information.
Source: (Boston University, 2017)

3. Cyber security incident response refers to the capability to detect incidents quickly, contain them, mitigate impact, and restore and reconstitute services in a trusted manner.
Source: (ISACA, 2012)